Weight Management

Weight gain is not a character flaw, and certainly not “all in your head.” It is a complex metabolic process.

~ David E. Pawsat, DO


Natural Weight Loss Management

It is irresponsible to burden a weight patient with the line “Eat less and exercise more.” The key to lasting weight management is not simple. The Center for Optimal Health is a weight loss center dedicated to helping you achieve weight management through natural weight loss.

Weight Reduction is a Process

Stress, nutrition, and hormone balance impact your ability to lose weight and keep it off.
When operating optimally with the right fuel, your body returns to a normal state.

Cravings are a sign of imbalances or deficiencies in the body. The Center for Optimal Health focuses on the practice of treating patients for their individual biologically unique aspects to overcome chronic illness and promote wellness. Customized interventions restore physiological, psychological, and structural balances through hormone replacement therapy for men and women, nutritional therapy and education, and weight loss management. Weight reduction is a process, set to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle for many years to come.

When You Are Ready

The Center for Optimal Health recognizes the need for individualized care, and has helped many patients in the Lansing and Mid-Michigan area develop their own approach to weight reduction.  There will never be one plan that is right for everyone. Many cookie cutter diets and weight loss programs are available. Each touting uniqueness and success, but few able to demonstrate sustained long term healthy body weights and body compositions for its users. A failure to address each individual’s unique biochemical and physiologic needs prior to beginning weight loss, combined with the further deficiencies caused by the weight loss itself, is the primary reason for this predictably high failure rate. Through natural weight loss, we work with the patient to find the right program to help them obtain the weight loss they are looking for.


After assessing your health history and individual concerns, a plan will be developed centered around your goals and specific physiologic needs. Weight loss and body composition management can be successful if you start with the proper tools. Our weight loss center can give you those tools to help you start an effective journey to weight reduction. We will be here to support you when you are ready to start your journey.