To anyone considering knee or hip replacement…

I have always been a very active person and three years ago I had a knee scope done on my right knee and never totally recovered. I have a little arthritis in each knee and was dreading the thought of knee replacements.

I read an article about Prolotherapy and located Dr. Pawsat in East Lansing, who performs these treatments which changed my life.

I have the mobility in my knees now, to enjoy my grandchildren more, bike, walk, garden and just simply live again. I would do it again in a heartbeat!

I had the best of two world; Dr. Pawsat and Stephany Schiller, my phisotherapist (referred to her by Dr. Pawsat). I am eternally grateful to both– What a team!!


Age 70

Since turning to CFOH, I have experienced a profound difference in my health.

One day last year, I happened to catch Suzanne Somers on television, talking about her book, “The Sexy Years”. She was explaining the health benefits of using bioidentical hormones. At that time, my life was anything but sexy. Following an emergency hysterectomy, I was miserable. Overnight, I had found myself in menopause. Suzanne Somers described her menopausal symptoms as the seven dwarfs; “itchy, bitchy, sweaty, sleepy, bloated, forgetful, and all dried up”. I was experiencing all seven of those symptoms, in varying degrees. It didn’t seem right to have reached a successful point in my life and feel like I had just run out of gas. After all, I was old 50 years old and I wasn’t ready for a rocking chair by a long shot. Still, prescription drugs left me with a myriad of side effects and worrisome potential health problems.

At this point, my family doctor said that she could do nothing else for me. However, she did recommend The Center for Optimal Health and told me that several of her patients had experienced great results with them. I made an appointment, and with my first visit, things began looking up. The doctor takes the time to thoroughly access your individual needs and zeros in on health problems that other physicians miss. Soon, the doctor prescribed bioidentical hormones for me, got me started on supplements and instructed me on a healthful diet and lifestyle. In one month, most of my menopausal symptoms had disappeared, and six months later, I can truly say, that each one of those “seven dwarfs” are completely gone. I have no side effects whatsoever, and I feel more like my happy and confident self. I’m back to feeling healthy, energetic and yes, “sexy”! I’m enthusiastic about life again and therein itself lies true happiness. Not only did my menopause symptoms go away, but my overall health improved, including my vision, cholesterol and bone density.

I had thought that I was relatively healthy, but in reality I was just getting by. I’m so grateful for The Center for Optimal Health. Since turning to the Center, I have experienced a profound difference in my health. I believe all, young and old, men and women, can benefit from their expertise.


Age 51

Have a health plan for my whole body, and I have been heard.

At age 34 I had a complete hysterectomy. I entered very suddenly the feminine world of menopause with no preparation and no one offering a guiding hand for the journey. Yes, I met doctors who prescribed pills and patches of estrogen in varying strengths all followed with the assurance that this was the medication that I needed. There was little information about why this was needed and fewer questions about how I was feeling. They honestly believed they were doing their best for a woman of my age and stage, but they did not know me. Twenty years later with concern for my health I gave up. With my drastic decision to stop estrogen replacement, I was then given medications to ward off osteoporosis. Again the same scenario unfolded until I said stop! I knew I was not caring for my body by taking drugs with side effects nor by going cold turkey. I needed help to navigate this journey.

Then I found The Center for Optimal Health. I came to them with concern for my bones, the other symptoms of menopause I had learned to accept. They came to me with concern for my whole body which included my bones. They asked questions; they listened; and we formed a partnership. They gave me information so I could make informed decisions about my health.

My story began 28 years ago with menopausal symptoms that eventually covered the checklist. With that came many questions, serious long range health concerns, and few answers. Then The Center for Optimal Health joined me on this long journey. Not only have my menopausal symptoms subsided, but I’m actually building bone without stomach challenging drugs. I feel fantastic. I have a health plan for my whole body, and I have been heard. Thank you for listening.


Age 62

Feeling better than I have in years. 

Six months ago I was feeling generally unwell and frustrated with typical post-menopausal symptoms:
– Hot flashes
– night sweats
– dry itchy skin
– weight gain
– lethargy
– constipation
– depression
– decreased libido
– fatigue
– joint pain
I came to The Center for Optimal Health hoping I wouldn’t have to live with these symptoms for the rest of my life. Working with them has shown me that I don’t. They have taken time to listen to my concerns, test for deficiencies and suggest natural hormone and vitamin/supplement options to correct the imbalances that caused my symptoms. When we first met, the doctor told me that ours would be a “partnership” and he has been true to his word. When I have a question or would like to discuss any aspect of my journey toward “optimal health” the doctors staff are available and attentive. With their help over the past six months I am now feeling very well, better than I have in years, no longer experiencing the symptoms that brought me here in the first place. I am grateful for all their help and I know that I can count on their continuing support to maintain my “optimal health.”


Age 53

I feel well taken care of Kim

I came to Optimal Health with complaints of IBS, and possible hormone imbalances. I was preparing to travel to Europe, and did not want to be miserable on an overseas trip. Thanks to my new supplemental regime, I traveled for the first time without suffering. The supplements worked miracles that all other supplements and medications prescribed by doctors were not able to address. When I returned , we continued to fine-tune. The doctor is always willing to listen, educate, and re-evaluate or stay on the same regime if the patient so desires. I feel well taken care of at Optimal Health, and appreciate the comprehensive understanding and mutual problem-solving mode that they establish with each patient.


Age 52

The doctors at The Center for Optimal Health helped me navigate through the confusing maze

Most of my life has been spent searching for “The Holy Grail of Health”, which had always remained hidden. Though I had experimented with many methods of alternative healing practices, and had found answers to many of my ailments, I still could not find the one piece that was missing from my puzzle. I wanted to work with a doctor who could look at my situation from a natural perspective, but who, at the same time, could use blood tests to help identify my problem.I always suspected that my hormones would be out of balance, because, at age 60, I still had never been tested for estrogen, progesterone and testosterone levels. This, however, was not the case. We discovered my thyroid was low, and probably had been for many years. By simply taking a low dose of thyroid replacement, I have found more energy and experienced improved digestion. The doctors at The Center for Optimal Health helped me navigate through the confusing maze of trying to find the Cause behind the Cause.


Age 60

Started a program “just for me”

Where do I begin? What’s wrong with me? For the past 3 years I have been losing my mind, or so I thought. I was suffering from chronic fatigue, menopause, sleep loss, had gained over 30 pounds and was becoming someone I really did not like. I hardly had the drive or energy to get myself out of bed everyday. Some days I didn’t. What plan of action should we take next? More vitamins, more drugs…I was tired of them. My OBGYN suggested I think about a attending a lecture and gave me the information to check it out. I was hesitant.

I went to the lecture. The next month I went to another and the month after that another. What the doctor said made sense. I made my initial appointment. We talked for an hour. I have never felt so much like someone was listening. After some bloodwork it was determined my system was short circuiting. My hormones and chemical balances were out of proportion. We started a program “just for me”. It’s been 3 months now. I am learning to eat healthy, have lost 12 pounds, am sleeping better, do not have the hot flashes and night sweats. My energy level has risen, and the battle with fatigue has improved too. I still have a journey ahead of me but thanks to The Center for Optimal Health, the route will be easier to follow.
Thank you!


Age 51

I am stronger and healthier than I have been in more than a decade.

When my business partners talked about shifting our company to a completely new level, I knew I did not have what it would take to get there. My personal resources and health condition were depleted as the result of a two-year lawsuit, starting menopause, and suffering lingering pain from old injuries, not to mention the additional pressures of an on-going home and landscape remodeling project. Stress and workaholism dominated my health regime: I skipped meals, ate junk food on the run, slept poorly and rarely exercised. When I found The Center for Optimal Health I was a health catastrophe just waiting to happen. And I did not know where to start to regain my health and vitality.

My first interview was so encouraging. It wasn’t like visiting a regular physician. I could talk with them freely about every health concern I had; we discussed treatments and commitment and direction. Barely two months into implementing my program, my dear husband passed away suddenly. The whole team sprung into action to make sure that this tragedy did not deplete the physical resources I had just started developing. They called me weekly for the first couple of months, listening carefully and adjusting my program on an as-needed basis to keep my body strong through this incredibly stressful time. They monitored my meds, directed my diet, and introduced me to a personal trainer to help me gain new strength in spite of what was happening. It was so wonderful to have someone so professional and well informed to rely on during this time. I didn’t have to think about anything – just follow the clear plan for me.

And that’s what I did. On this side of all of those events, I am stronger and healthier than I have been in more than a decade. I am so appreciative of their knowledge and experience working together for my good. My business partners put off the evolution of the business for the year following my husband’s death, but today we are poised to make that leap – and I feel more than ready for it thanks to The Center for Optimal Health.


Age 52

I feel great and I’m excited to live my life again!

Twelve months ago I woke up each day and felt like crawling into a dark hole. I lacked the energy, desire and passion for life. I was so fatigued that sometimes I thought I was ready to die. Now, I get out of bed each morning and I am ready to take on the day. I have more energy than I’ve had for years, those unexpected and unwanted pounds have disappeared, my skin and eyes are bright and clear and I know once again what a good night’s sleep is. I have a life worth living and so much left to accomplish. At 56 years old I look forward to starting my workday at 6am, chasing after a grandchild, and hiking the Appalachian Trail with my husband. I feel great and I’m excited to live my life again! Thank you!


Age 56

I can say without hesitation, I no longer suffer!

I’ve spent most of my adult years questioning modern medicine and the growing epidemic of the “pill pushing” industry and the doctors that used them as band aids; not investing any one-on-one time with patients to determine the root cause. Determined, running out of hope or options, I finally came across The Center for Optimal Health after discovering Bio-Identical Hormones and the role they played in our lives. I was convinced this therapy was exactly what I needed! After my first meeting, I knew immediately I’d found a doctor who had a passion for what I truly believed to be REAL medicine!

Together we sorted through years of suffering (depression, body aches, fatigue, lethargic (non-existent energy), fogginess & inability to lose weight with effort) and started making baby steps toward bringing my body back from the dark. It didn’t break down overnight and I knew it was going to take time for my body to regenerate – which it did completely!

My doctor carefully monitored all my changes and adjusted my treatment until I can say, without hesitation, I no longer suffer! My quality of life is back and I feel like a new woman! No depression, lost 30 lbs after finding out my thyroid was under active & my skin looks fantastic! Now that I have a solid foundation (healthy body), I feel more mentally & physically able to take on life!

Every woman should invest in taking the time to discover what your body is missing to ensure quality of life. Having a doctor whose mission it is to help you get there was worth every penny!

Thanks also to the staff who are walking testimonials of how great you can be!


Age 40

Seeing my cholesterol and triglycerides drop to well within the normal range without any prescription drugs.

I’ve been treated for high cholesterol and out of control triglycerides for twelve to fifteen years with several different statin drugs. Each doctor I saw over the years reviewed my health history, diet and exercise routines. Each concluded that my diet was good, my workouts were good, and my high cholesterol and triglycerides were due to heredity. The only recourse was drug therapy.

I had a couple of the unpleasant side effects common with statins, most notably cramping muscles and dry skin. The cramping was severe enough that I was tested for neurological problems and put on another prescription drug to control the cramps.

I learned about The Center for Optimal Health through a friend of my wife. I was reluctant because I figured “what can he do about heredity?” Imagine my surprise when they studied my blood, health, diet and exercise then told me that my diet, not heredity, was causing my blood chemistry problems.

After following dietary and nutritional supplement guidelines for less than five months, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing my cholesterol and triglycerides drop to well within the normal range without any prescription drugs. I’ve also lost about 25 pounds of excess weight and feel better than I have in many years.

When I saw the latest blood test results I realized that I had been treated with drugs for years as if I was sick when the only thing wrong was the way I was eating. I don’t believe that this would have ever happened without the intervention of the doctors and outstanding staff at The Center for Optimal Health.


Age 60

I only wish I had started this process 10 years ago.

As a health and fitness professional with a healthy lifestyle, I thought I would sail through menopause and beyond without consequence. No one warned me that my post-menopause life would include such indignities as having some important parts of my body shrink while others increased their girth, sagging jowls, urethral spasms, urinary urgency, insomnia, and declining energy. The doctors at The Center for Optimal Health have great intuition and really know their stuff about hormone balance. After only six months on bio-identical hormones, a proper dose of thyroid medication and updating my nutritional habits ALL of my symptoms have disappeared. Have you ever said to yourself, “I sure wish I knew back then what I know now?” I only wish I had started this process 10 years ago.


Age 52

Experienced a dramatic improvement

My problems with diarrhea gradually started 20 years ago. I saw a Gastroenterologist, he told me it was all in my head. After trying acupuncture the diarrhea tapered off, but my bowel symptoms never fully improved. Next I tried a Gastroenterologist at a university hospital who prescribed Lomotil which did not improve symptoms. I saw two more Gastroenterologists who prescribed medication with no improvement.

In 2005, my husband became ill with cancer, the diarrhea was so much worse. In the summer of 2006, I saw a chiropractor who practiced ayurveda, I had temporary relief. However, after the New Year the diarrhea was as bad as it ever was, going about 15 times a day.

After enduring painful gastrointestinal symptoms for years, abdominal pain, diarrhea, bloating, gas, and urgency I started exploring dietary supplements, herbs, digestive enzyme and probiotics. I read books about health, nutrition and herbs. I read books about IBS. I also listened to self healing hypnosis tapes. Some of these remedies were helpful which helped me go without symptoms for short periods of time with experiencing problems. However, toilet location became an obsession no matter where I went.

My family doctor prescribed medications and made a referral to a Gastroenterology specialist, I then made an appointment at The Center for Optimal Health. Once I started the treatment program I experienced a dramatic improvement. Fatigue is virtually gone, with decreased pain and fewer bowel movements to 2 to 3 day. I have also seen improvement in my arthritis, less pain and less stiffness.


Age 81